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Bye, bye metal braces. Now you can discreetly straighten your teeth & improve your smile.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear custom aligners instead of metal brackets & wires to position teeth into straighter alignment. Patients who suffer from crowded, crooked, gapped, uneven, misaligned teeth or imperfect bite can feel self-conscious about their smile and even experience discomfort & difficulty in chewing. Dr. Travis Lee at Ocean Breeze Dental Care offers clear braces, or Invisalign, to help patients improve the function, feel and appearance of healthy teeth & beautiful smiles. In addition to affecting a patient's confidence to smile their brightest, teeth imperfections can also have a negative impact on oral health. Gapped, uneven or crowded teeth can be difficult to clean properly making it easier for plaque and tartar to accumulate in hard to reach spaces. A misaligned bite can lead to jaw joint issues or teeth grinding. Please contact our knowledgeable & compassionate dental professionals serving the neighborhoods surrounding Santa Monica, CA 90025 to learn about how you can correct teeth imperfections and gain a beautiful smile.

Dr. Travis Lee at Ocean Breeze Dental Care uses Invisalign clear braces to correct teeth imperfections
Invisalign corrects teeth imperfection discreetly

Discreetly correct teeth imperfections

Not everyone is fortunate enough to undergo orthodontic treatment as a child. Adults often avoid seeking correction for their imperfect teeth because they are unwilling to wear traditional metal braces. Invisalign clear braces are a great alternative to metal brackets and wires. This discreet orthodontic approach involves gradually straightening teeth with invisible plastic trays. Crafted of smooth & high-quality material, Invisalign aligners fit comfortably much like a custom-fitted retainer or mouthguard, without the irritation that comes with wearing metal braces. Because the aligner trays are removable, there is no need for food restrictions, and it is easier to clean your teeth as you normally would.

Who can benefit from Invisalign?

Consult a dental professional if you want to correct crowded, crooked, gapped, uneven, misaligned teeth or imperfect bite. Teeth straightening with Invisalign clear braces are effective for older adolescents and adults, with fully grown jawbones. These patients have the necessary maturity and willingness to comply with treatment requirements. People with mild to moderate orthodontic issues may also benefit from Invisalign treatment. Once we’ve determined that you’re a good candidate for Invisalign, the professionals at our General & Cosmetic Dental Practice in West Los Angeles will create a customized plan to help you stay on track. A series of impressions and digital images will be taken to design your clear aligners that will be changed every couple of weeks. We will work with you to schedule routine visits so we can monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign clear braces in Los Angeles will help you achieve a more attractive smile and improved oral health, without the inconvenience and discomfort of traditional metal braces. Contact us to schedule a consultation.


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