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Can this secret to a perfect celebrity smile be yours?

Dr. Travis Lee at Ocean Breeze Dental Care in West Los Angeles has over 20-years experience in the application of veneers to permanently correct teeth imperfections such as chips and discoloration. Patients can achieve celebrity-worthy teeth & smiles at Dr. Lee’s General & Cosmetic Dental Practice which uses the latest advancements in general & cosmetic dentistry. In his experience, patients who have dull yellow or brown teeth color from years of smoking, eating pigmented food or drinking pigmented drinks such as coffee as well as those who experience common dental problems such as tooth decay, chipped teeth and shifting of the teeth benefit from porcelain veneers. Dr. Lee recommends you discuss your goals and understand veneers with your dentist to determine whether this permanent change to your teeth is right for you.

Breaking the common misconceptions about veneers

There are a few misconceptions about porcelain veneers and the procedure that should be corrected.

  1. The application is painful: The application process is actually fairly simple and not painful. Only an extremely thin layer of enamel is needed to be buffed off to achieve the desired foundation.

  2. Veneers are only applied to the front of your teeth: In addition to its use for cosmetic improvements of your teeth, porcelain veneers can also improve the strength of your enamel and correct teeth issues such as decay, chipped or shifting of the teeth. Upon examination, Dr. Travis Lee will explain the best option for each patient.

  3. The entire tooth has to be filed down to almost nothing: Only a light buffing takes place to set the foundation for a porcelain veneer.

  4. Veneers look artificially white and noticeable: Advancement in cosmetic dental technology allows the gums and tooth shade to be perfectly customized to fit you to make the veneers look as natural as possible.

Should you get veneers?

You may be a good candidate for porcelain veneers if you suffer from the following problems:

  • Gaps between the teeth

  • Discoloration

  • Minor misalignments

  • Chips and cracks

It is important to talk to your dental professionals to determine if you are the right and appropriate candidate for porcelain veneers. Please contact the knowledgeable & compassionate dental professionals of Ocean Breeze Dental Care for a consultation.


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