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Don't worry, there's great options to restore missing teeth!

Your mouth is an integral part of your body to help you speak, chew and smile. Dr. Travis Lee at Ocean Breeze Dental Care reminds us that your mouth is the first organ of your digestive system and therefore, oral health is essential for overall health & wellbeing. Despite your best efforts, injury, decay or gum disease can cause us to lose our teeth. According to the ADA, an average American adult loses 3 or more permanent teeth due to injury, teeth decay or periodontal disease. In addition to impacting your speech and smile, teeth loss can weaken your jawbone and alter your bite contributing to larger oral health and overall health issues if not restored. Advancements in dental restoration technology, techniques and materials provides great options to replace missing teeth. Dr. Lee considers the location & number of missing teeth as well as the health of remaining teeth, gums & jaw bones to recommend dental implants, bridges or dentures to restore healthy teeth and beautiful smiles. Please contact our General & Cosmetic Dental Practice in West Los Angeles, CA 90025 to determine which dental restoration option is best for you.

Dental Implants

Dr. Lee recommends dental implants to replace single, few or to support full denture for patients with healthy gums and bones or after receiving bone and tissue grafts. Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone to replicate the root of a natural tooth and provide a strong foundation for a custom-made replacement tooth that matches the natural tooth. Implants allow the bone to continue to grow so it helps maintain the integrity of your facial structure and jaw bones. Implants last over 20 years and can be used to replace single or multiple teeth, crowns and even dentures. Patients find dental implants to be natural, stable & secure replacements for their missing teeth. A more permanent solution to dentures, dental implants is more costly and time-consuming.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is anchored on either side by implants (implant-supported bridge) or natural teeth (tooth-supported bridge) to fill the space created between a missing tooth or teeth. A custom-made bridge is a replacement tooth or teeth that is commonly made of composite resin or porcelain fused to metal to match the look of your natural teeth (although gold and alloys are options). Dental bridges are an effective & permanent dental restoration option that does not involve surgery and are affordable & less time-consuming than dental implants.


Dentures are a removable device that is recommended for patients who have lost a majority of their teeth or experienced bone and gum loss. Advancements in dental technology, techniques & materials allows Dr. Lee at Ocean Breeze Dental Care to work with patients in determining the scale (partial to full) and type of denture that is comfortable and looks & feels like natural teeth. Of the restoration options including implants and bridges, denture is the most non-invasive and affordable option for restoring missing teeth. Please contact our knowledgeable & compassionate dental professionals serving the Los Angeles community to determine which dental restoration option is best for replacing your missing teeth.

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