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Knew It! Prevention is the Best Cure!

According to Dr. Travis Lee at Ocean Breeze Dental Care, cavities and gum disease are common oral problems that are preventable. Dr. Lee says that preventive care is the top priority for a patient's oral health, contributing to overall health and wellbeing. As recommended by the ADA, twice-yearly dental exams & professional cleaning prevent the progression of oral diseases that can be painful, time-consuming and expensive to treat. This treatment schedule helps our compassionate & knowledgeable dental professionals to remove plaque & tartar, detect signs of trouble and keep minor dental issues from developing into major problems. Fluoride treatment and tooth sealants are also preventive measures for prevention of cavities particularly with children or adults with high risk of cavities. Please contact our General & Cosmetic Dental Practice serving the neighborhoods around Los Angeles, CA 90025 to maintain your healthy teeth, beautiful smile & fresh breath.

Preventive procedures offered at Ocean Breeze Dental Care include:

  • Digital X-Rays: We use digital imaging to look for signs of decay and disease that would otherwise remain hidden. A full set will be taken every 3–5 years, and an annual scan for cavities.

  • Dental Exam: Dr. Travis Lee at Ocean Breeze Dental Care will perform a comprehensive oral exam to check for tooth decay and other oral health threats. He will take the time to review the results with you, answer any questions and make treatment recommendations.

  • Professional Teeth Cleaning: A professional cleaning removes plaque and tartar buildup. After polishing your teeth, our knowledgeable & compassionate dental hygienist will educate patients on proper techniques for brushing and flossing.

  • Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride treatment is standard during dental cleanings for children. Adults may also receive a fluoride varnish upon request or if they are at a high risk for tooth decay.

  • Tooth Sealants: Protective sealants serve as shields to keep bacteria, plaque, and food out of the deep grooves in back teeth. Dr. Lee recommends sealants for children and adolescents on their permanent molars and premolars as soon as these teeth come in to prevent developing cavities in these teeth during cavity-prone years. In some cases where baby teeth have deep depressions and grooves, Dr. Lee will recommend sealing them to maintain teeth health & prevent premature teeth loss as they play an important role in holding the correct spacing for permanent teeth. Additionally, adults may receive sealants if their molars may benefit from sealants.

Are you looking for a knowledgeable & compassionate dentist in Los Angeles, CA to help maintain your & your family's oral health? Please contact our General & Cosmetic Dental Practice serving the neighborhoods around Los Angeles, CA 90025 to maintain healthy teeth, beautiful smile & fresh breath with breeze.


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