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When tooth extraction is the last resort

Dr. Travis Lee at Ocean Breeze Dental Care in West LA recommends restorative procedures such as filling, Inlays and Onlays, Crowns or Root Canals before considering teeth extraction. Prior to a tooth extraction, Dr. Lee will take a series of x-rays and review your oral health history to understand the state & health of your teeth structure and jaw and detect infections or conditions that could weaken your systems and the healing process. It is important to inform Dr. Lee of existing oral or overall health issues including diabetes, liver disease, thyroid disease, renal disease, hypertension, adrenal disease and impaired immune system. In cases of impacted teeth, excessive tooth decay, excessive infection or teeth crowding, however, extraction will be recommended to prevent bigger issues.

The knowledgeable & compassionate dental professionals serving Santa Monica, CA 90025 neighborhood have over 20 years experience with teeth extraction in cases when damaged or decayed teeth that cannot be corrected with restorative dental procedures. Please contact us if you are experiencing toothache, chronic bad breath, bleeding gums or have sustained injury to your teeth so we may help reduce the pain and discomfort of damaged or decaying teeth.

Is tooth extraction painful?

Dr. Travis Lee administers local anesthetic before tooth extraction in order to help avoid any pain or discomfort during and after the procedure. For patients with dental anxiety or fear of needles, oral or inhalation sedation may be recommended to help patients relax and comfortably undergo the treatment.

How do I recover from tooth removal?

A small level of discomfort is normal for individuals after a tooth extraction procedure. The following steps help ensure a smooth recovery:

  • Apply an ice pack to your cheek directly after the procedure to reduce swelling. Use the ice pack for 10 minutes each time.

  • Dr. Lee will place a gauze pad over the affected area. Bite down and leave the gauze on as prescribed.

  • Take any medications as prescribed, including over-the-counter painkillers.

  • Rest and relax for the first 24 hours. Do not jump immediately into your regular routine the following day.

  • Don’t use a straw for at least 24 hours.

  • Don’t smoke.

  • Don’t rinse for at least 24 hours after the tooth extraction, and spit only gently.

  • Use pillows to prop your head up when you lie down.

  • Brush and floss your teeth like normal, but avoid the extraction site.

  • The day after the procedure, eat soft foods, such as yogurt, pudding, and applesauce.

  • After 24 hours, add a half-teaspoon of salt to eight ounces of warm water to rinse out your mouth.

  • As you heal over the next few days, you can slowly reintroduce other foods into your diet.

Please contact our General & Cosmetic Dental Practice serving the community around Santa Monica, CA 90025 to restore your oral health and maintain healthy teeth, beautiful smile & fresh breath with breeze.


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